Talent Stable can help you find the most influential voices in your industry.

We help connect you with your audiences in rural and regional Australia.

Talent Stable is where digital marketing’s true genius is revealed: when consumers are willing, active participants within the marketing program, and where offline influence through opinion pieces, editorials, speaking engagements, are harnessed to promote your brand.

Research shows there’s a lot of power in native and user-generated content. Followers relate to the creators they subscribe to and, most importantly, they listen to them and that’s where Talent Stable’s power lies, in its ability to connect the right content creators and talent, with the right audiences for clients.

As a talent management service, we take care of all the details – from arranging travel to managing quotes, and logistics planning. Whether you’re a brand, from an agency or a club or association, we’ll work with you to best connect you with the right talent. We’re bringing the power of the people to you.


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Connect you with your audiences in rural and regional Australia.


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