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Our team members each have a background in specialised marketing and communications experience, insights, and knowledge. If you’re looking to build your profile, get clear on the opportunities you want to seek out, or effectively engage with the media, we have created extensive training and workshops, based on our years of experience working closely with both the media, and some of Australia’s biggest brands. We can help you get clear on your goals, and then work closely with you to create a plan for achieving them.  


Personal Branding Workshop.

In a world where communication is paramount, Talent Stable recognises the power that lies in a carefully crafted personal brand and the ability of someone to articulate their message with precision and impact. With a keen understanding of the evolving media landscape, we stand at the intersection of passion and strategy, eager to share insights on building an authentic personal brand that achieves effective cut-through to your ideal target audiences, and creates opportunities to connect. 

A clear understanding of your personal brand will not only provide you with the tools you need to build your profile and grow thought leadership opportunities, but it will provide the foundation for strengthening your key messages and building strong personal connections with your following. 

As part of this training, the team at Talent Stable can:  

  • Workshop in collaboration with you your values, strengths, opportunities, and how to mitigate weaknesses and threats.  
  • Develop clearly defined personal brand actions that allow you to dig deeper into your goals. 
  • Identify ideal channels for communication and align key messages, elevating your thought leadership opportunities. 


Presenting and Keynote Speaking Training. 

We focus on helping you deliver your core messages with impact and help you build engagement and connection with your audience.  

With a keen focus on authenticity, storytelling, and audience connection, our team will work with you to enhance your public speaking skills, as well as develop a core keynote presentation that turns words into impactful narratives. We can work to identify specific speaking opportunities and provide advice and guidance around the ways in which you can tailor your speaking to fit any event.  

Improve your keynote and public speaking skills with Talent Stable, to help you bring your personal brand (and your businesses) values, to life.  

Looking to workshop your ideal speaking topics and opinions? Combine this training with the personal branding to get clear on the topics you want to speak on, and those you don’t. If you are not laser-focused with your Personal Branding yet, we recommend this training in combination with the personal branding training.  


Media Training. 

This training will explore the ever-changing media landscape and how the media works, how you interact with the media, and the role that the media plays in achieving outcomes for you (and your business).   

Talent Stable will help you learn how to tailor your key messages to your different relevant platforms. You will build the confidence to become a source of authority within the media landscape in your areas of passion and expertise. 

This training includes a dedicated section, where you will learn about techniques for each medium, and see you practicing with your own key messages. You will walk away confident and comfortable to tackle any media interaction in the future. 

Our workshops and training programs are a perfect addition to your professional development plans.   


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