How influencer marketing is taking the reins from traditional marketing.

How influencer marketing is taking the reins from traditional marketing.

The rise of the digital world and social media has quickly changed the way consumers interact with and perceive the media. Traditional forms of media such as television, radio, print advertisements, and billboards have always been solid foundations for brand marketing, are beneficial in many ways, especially when you look at achieving large-scale brand awareness across broad demographics. However, it’s a fact that when consumers seek to discover new brands, they are are more likely to turn towards their favourite influencers for that insight. A recent survey conducted by Havas Red has shown just that. In their inaugural whitepaper ‘The State of the Influencer in 2024: A Client’s Perspective’ one underlying theme appeared: influencers are key for brand authenticity and trust.

Enter the new age of influencer marketing…

Influencer marketing offers a unique lens to target your specific audience,  and when done well, it can elevate a brand’s marketing mix. An influencer is an expert or engaging personality who operates within niche environments and entertains specifically through social media. In today’s world anyone can become a content creator or influencer, not just celebrities, and it’s true that consumers enjoy following people they identify with.

Influencers offer candid interactions with their following, often speaking on topics in live videos, or even sharing their opinions through thought leadership content pieces. Whichever the method of communication, influencers who are fully transparent capture the interest and trust of their audience.

When a product or service aligns with the influencer, establishing a connection and fostering a partnership becomes straightforward. An influencer’s freedom of speech is powerful for promotion, specifically when it comes to freely stating opinions and preferences. They can openly engage in comparative discussions without being liable for potential breaches of corporate rules.

Talent Stable features a wide variety of influencers who are prominent figures within their respective industries and channels. And what’s unique about our talent is the community of followers they engage with. While their pages do not necessarily boast mass followings of the likes of metro influencers, they are a true representation of a highly engaged and trusting bunch.. Chances are the people who follow our talent have mutual connections, or know someone who has met our talent before. What is then unique about incorporating our talent into your brand marketing is the level of autonomy, authority and authenticity that is conveyed.

So why should you consider influencer marketing?

Because by leveraging the trust and creativity of influencers, you can stand out in today’s crowded advertising landscape.

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