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Seeking genuine and impactful connections with audiences in regional and rural Australia? Let Talent Stable be your guide. We specialise in identifying the most influential voices in your industry, creating connections and opportunities tailored to your specific requirements and objectives.

Talent Stable can help you find keynote speakers, MCs, thought leaders, influencers, and content creators for both one-off and ongoing engagements.

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Highlighted Talent

Talent Stable is home to a stable of influential rural and regional talent.

Sera J Wright

Content Creator, Photography

Sera J Wright is a well known Australian, Tenterfield & Byron Bay based, well respected, professional travel, lifestyle, adventure & destination photographer & content creator, travel writer & blogger and influencer on Instagram.


Holly Goodman

Content Creator, Keynote Speaker, Lifestyle, Rural

A mother of three with a passion for the land, Holly is an entrepreneur and rural and regional advocate.
Holly started her own small business from home and has since expanded her business to inspire others running rural workshops for women.


Mandy Matthews

Agriculture, Photography, Rural

Growing up on a sheep and beef farm in the hill country of North Island, New Zealand Mandy grew a love for agricultural at a very young age and ever since she could remember she was determined that she would always have a career in agricultural.


Adam Arndell

Agriculture, Event Hosting/MC, Keynote Speaker

Having grown up in a farming family in the New England area of NSW, Adam has always had a love for regional and rural Australia. He is a co-founder of C7EVEN – a multi-award winning, full-service marketing and communications agency.


Emily Riggs

Keynote Speaker, Lifestyle, Rural

Some stories deserve to be told. Some stories inspire and motivate others to make change. Emily’s story is one of those, and to hear her tell it is to reflect on what is truly important in life.


Katrina Myers

Agriculture, Keynote Speaker, Rural

Katrina is meditation and wellbeing educator and is a forth generation farmer and co-owner of the family run business, Barham Avocados.


Alice Armitage

Creative, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker

Alice Armitage is a farmer’s daughter, with a passion for supporting grassroots initiatives and innovation happening in regional Australia and well as founding The Pandaemonium Paper.


Mark Merrett

Agriculture, Content Creator, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Rural

Marks likes to show his values of innovation and family through these videos showing that farmers are not all “overall and straw hat” wearing old men. 


Lyndsey Douglas

Agriculture, Event Hosting/MC, Rural

Having expertly navigated a range of prestigious emcee and hosting roles, showcasing a deep commitment to preparation and understanding of the agricultural industry, Lyndsey Douglas is well regarded talent in rural and regional Australia.


Cassandra Hooke

Content Creator, Gardening, Lifestyle, Workshops

Cass lives on a sheep station on the Hay Plains with her farmer husband and two young children. She’s always had a keen interest in plants, gardening and the environment and is the woman behind Outback Gardens.


Dr. Leigh Davidson

Agriculture, Content Creator, Lifestyle, Veterinary

Dr. Leigh Davidson is a veterinarian with over 20 years in the game! Leigh loves to help brands communicate animal health messages in a friendly informative way that ultimately provides huge value to their audiences.


Jemma Tribe

Entrepreneur, Event Hosting/MC, Keynote Speaker, Workshops

Jemma is a Speaker, MC and panel host who uses stories, humour and practical learnings to inspire women, NFP’s and business groups.


Kristy Withers

Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Lifestyle, Workshops

Kristy Withers is not just a marketing maven; she is a visionary leader who has translated her passion for design into a thriving global brand.


Kaitie Nash

Content Creator, Keynote Speaker, Rural

Meet Kaitie Nash, a resilient mother of two, who decided to leave behind the comforts of city life for her husbands family farm in the midst of a devastating drought.


Malinda Guest

Agriculture, Keynote Speaker, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Rural

Malinda is a dedicated Clinical Psychologist with lived experience, and epitomises passion and understanding in her work. Having grown up on a rural property, she knows intimately the complexities, successes, and misconceptions of rural life.


Kate Ivey

female founder, health and fitness, Keynote Speaker, Lifestyle, Rural

Founder and CEO of Kate Ivey Fitness and DediKate, Kate is passionate about helping women to be successful with their health and fitness, while maintaining balance. 


Steph Schmidt

Keynote Speaker, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Rural

Steph is a Psychologist, farmer and mum of three boys.


Kate Day

Agriculture, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Rural, Winemaker, Workshops

Kate Day is an accomplished award-winning winemaker, entrepreneur, wine educator and business owner with over 20 years’ experience in the wine industry.


Jaimee Rogers

Keynote Speaker, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Sports

Jaimee Rogers is a former professional athlete and successful media professional with a passion for sports and building a mentally fit future.


Jessica Hickman

Education, Event Hosting/MC, Keynote Speaker, Workshops

Jessica Hickman, a TEDx speaker and innovative Workplace Culture Expert, is at the forefront of reshaping workplace dynamics.


Emily Armstrong

Agriculture, Lifestyle, Rural

Em is the owner and founder of Saltbush Stretch – An online + physical yoga and pilates studio for women of the bush. She is passionate about supporting and connecting women through movement and mindfulness.


Hear from our clients.

Sedgwick’s Women’s Professional Development Forum recently had Emily Riggs address our participants to share her story, from both a personal perspective, as well as from a professional aspect, in building and running her sustainable merino wool brand, Iris & Wool.​​

The theme for our May forum was “storytelling”, and Emily really had some stories to tell. It was a very raw, heartfelt, and emotional presentation, with Emily sharing her personal story of losing her mother to breast cancer as a child, and her own struggles with leukaemia.Whilst there were tears, there was also laughter as Emily shared her story and profound advice – that we all have a story to tell, and that we should always be our most authentic selves. ​​

Those that shared the session heard what it’s like to build a brand from the ground up, and Emily’s aspirations for the future; to follow sheep to shop, with wool being tracked directly from the sheep’s back and into the product. ​​

Emily truly is a remarkable individual and a deserving winner of the 2022 Shine Award. Her vision and dreams for the future are clear, there

 is no doubt that she will succeed and be a sustainable global fashion brand. Just know that the Sedgwick Women’s Professional Development Forum will be watching and so appreciative of her sharing her time and story with us.

We wish her all the best for the future.

Edwina Feilen, Manager Business Solutions, Sedgwick. 

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