Who and what is Talent Stable?

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Research shows that influencer and leadership marketing works.

After recognising that regional and rural content and talent needed stronger representation and authenticity in the influencer marketing space, C7EVEN directors Sara and Adam set out to build a brand that did just that.

Talent Stable is a creative talent management service that is home to a stable of rural and regionally focused industry leaders and influencers. Helping country Australia get their share voice by bringing together the right people for the right audiences.

As C7EVEN and Talent Stable Director Sara Crowe explains: “Talent Stable’s power lies, in its ability to connect clients, content creators, and talent with audiences across the rural and regional landscape, something that we feel is currently overlooked by other influencer marketing and talent management services.

“Yet, regional Australia currently represents 8.4M people, and the regional population is growing it grew by 11% (832,000 people*) in 2021 so it’s an audience that cannot continue to be overlooked.”

With a stable of influential talent, including, industry thought leaders, rural and regional social media influencers, and spokespeople, Talent Stable can help clients reach the rural and regional communities they want to engage in through speaking events, field days, and social media, brand ambassadorships, and media.

“At C7EVEN, we’re passionate advocates for the rural and regional sector and that’s why we’ve created Talent Stable as a dedicated service.  To bring together the most influential people in rural and regional Australia and connect them with the right brands and audiences while expanding their reach all in a truly authentic way.”

Sara Crowe will lead the Talent Stable offering supported by a dedicated talent acquisition, activation, and management team headed by Riette de Jager and Chelsea Roper.

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